How to Join

To be eligible you must own at least one-third part ownership in a recreation vehicle and be able to camp at a Thousand Trails Preserve.

Thousand Trails Preserves are open to the public.  Camping fees varies from location to location.  They have a discount program called GO Camping.

Discounts are available on FMCA and Thousand Trails Preserve membership programs through our chapter. We welcome singles, couples and families to join us.

Thousand Trails of Texas started in San Antonio, Texas in 1987. The rallies started on Friday afternoon and ended Sunday morning to accommodate those still working. Members who have retired come earlier in the week and stay after the rally to enjoy the friendships build over the years.

We have six chapter rallies each year held at Thousand Trail Preserves. January at Lake Conroe, February at different locations in the south,  March at Colorado River, May at Lake Texoma, September at Lake Whitney and November at Medina Lake. We also attend as a group the FMCA International Conventions and South Central Area Rallies.

Two couples volunteer to host  our chapter rally, making arrangements for food and entertainment. The programs are wide in variety. Fellowship is spent under the shade of a tree or around a table playing a game. On occasion, we go to interesting sites in the area and /or to local shopping attractions. Games such as Mexican Train, Pegs and Jokers, Fast Track and various card games are played in the evenings.

Cost of rallies is $20.00/25.00 per person plus camping fees if applicable.

Members and guests make their own reservations and pay their own reservations cost  if any for the camp site. Rally cost is sent to the Wagon Master in advance by mail. Rally notices are sent thirty days before each rally.

A business meeting is held twice a year on Saturday morning to provide the latest information to all members.

Minutes are email/snail mailed 14 days after the meeting. A newsletter comes 20 days later and the blog site ( is updated within 30 days. 

We would love to have anyone interested in visiting with us to contact Connie at  or 817-454-4612.