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March 2020 Minutes

posted Mar 24, 2020, 8:21 AM by Connie Farrar

Thousand Trails of TEXAS Chapter Minutes


1St Vice President, Barbara Space calls the meeting to order at 9:27 a.m. and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Joan Watson gave the Invocation.

The following members were present: Watson, Spade, Norton, Kennedy, Duran, Kubecka, Smith/Slaughter, Hanngaard, Murguia, Watts, Norton, Johnson, Griner, and Farrar. 


Wagon Master Barbara Spade and Connie Farrar were presented with Wagon Master Boots for a job well done under difficult situations.  Thousand Trails Campgrounds closed all buildings due to the COVID-19 and put a restriction of no more than 10 people in a group.  Stephen Cook, the Resort manager worked with us in allowing small groups at various outdoor locations.


January Rally Minutes were approved as emailed and placed on file.




Treasurers Report – Anita Noles (she was unable to attend.)

               Beginning Balance as of 01/01/2020                            $4449.26

               Deposits of Due and Rally fees                                     $86.00

               Disbursements of rally fee                                             $25.00

               Closing Balance as of 03/01/2020                                 $4509.26


1st Vice President –        Barbara Spade

               She reminded us, that Stephen Cook was working with us during the time and would be willing to reschedule our rally at another time. Our meals were at Los Cabos, Schobels, and Nancy Steak House ending with breakfast at Connie’s site.   Barbara will be retiring as 1st Vice President this September due to her work schedule.


2nd Vice President – Joan Watson

               The next rally is scheduled for May 1-3, 2020 at Lake Texoma and the Singles will be hosting.


National Directors – Fred Kennedy

The FMCA Convention in Tuscan has been cancelled due to the COVID-19.  FMCA due to the expenses incurred in Tucson will need to cover the lost using our reserve.


Our Tropic Winds get together was great and we hope you can plan to attend next year.

If you plan on visiting Harlingen soon, let him know and he will save a paint brush and some paint for you.


Old Business      


New Business

(1) _       Donation of Pet Oxygen Masks

               At each rally we donate to the local fire or police department.  This rally, we donated oxygen masks to be used by the fire department to rescue pets.  The kit contains 3 sizes of masks made to fit over the face of pets.

(2)          Standing Rules

               We would like to change the Stand Rules to allow us to schedule other campgrounds and to schedule rallies around different events. Voting on the changes will be in May.


(3)          Rally Sites & Length

               Ron Norton noted that non-Thousand Trail members may attend our rallies at Thousand Trails parks.  Our newer members are used to camping at private and public campgrounds and paying a fee. Several campgrounds offer a large meeting room with kitchen space if we have 10 ore more rigs with out cost.  We are not receiving this at all the Thousand Trails Campgrounds. Other Campgrounds allow us to reserve our site so we know that we will be parked together and have 30- or 50-amp hookups.  Many campgrounds will offer discounts also. This may end up costing slightly more than in the past, but it should make our rallies better.  He hopes to have some suggestions at the May Rally for your consideration.


(4)    Nominations   for May Rally (Officers take effect in September Rally)

               President              Paul Pacior

1st VP -                 Ron Norton

2nd VP                   Joan Watson

Secretary              Casper the Friendly Ghost

Treasurer             Ellen Norton

Nat’l Director      Fred Kennedy

Alt Nat’l Dirr       Rodger Donnelly


Adjourn at 10:05


Submitted by Connie Farrar

November 2019 Minutes

posted Dec 11, 2018, 12:49 PM by Connie Farrar   [ updated Nov 15, 2019, 11:55 AM ]

see attachment below

2018 Add on Minutes from Shawnee , OK

posted Oct 3, 2018, 6:31 AM by Connie Farrar   [ updated Oct 3, 2018, 6:31 AM ]

Paul Pacior called a meeting at Bricktown Brewery on September 19, 2018 at 7:01.  Members present were Paul and Karen Pacior, Pat Watts, Larry and Dianna Huff, Connie Farrar, Dale and Winnie Johnson, Carl and Mary Mittag, Ron and Ellen Norton, Jimmie and Joan Watson and Smitty and Mary Helen Smith.  Fred and Lou Kennedy joined the conversation the next day.

After a discussion on rally dates and locations, the following problems and suggestions were given:


Lake Conroe:

·         Snow Birds fill the park up

·         Lost of separate building for gatherings

·         Lake Conroe expanding in becoming a resort campground

Colorado River

·         Snow birds fill the park up

·         Spring break fills the park up

·         FMCA International Convention is middle of March

Lake Whitney

·         Shortage of 50-amp sites

·         Great Staff and Manager

Suggestions from Terry Munoz

1.     Change the January rally to Lake Whitney because it is not full of snowbirds

2.     Change the September rally to Lake Conroe because the snowbirds are gone, and we could have use of part of the Activity Center.

Suggestions from Barbara Spade

1.     Colorado River sites are open the latter part of March


Connie Farrar moved that Barbara Spade, 1st Vice President, contact the managers of Lake Conroe, Lake Whitney and Colorado River regarding changing the dates of Thousand Trails Rallies for 2019.   The Dates should be as follows:  Lake Whitney rally to be held on January 4-6th, Colorado River Rally to be held March 29-31st. and Lake Conroe September 6-8th.  This is in hope that Lake Conroe will be able to allow us to use part of the activity center for our rally per Terry's suggestion. Seconded, Approved.

Adjourn @ 7:39

September 2018 Minutes

posted Sep 13, 2018, 7:17 AM by Connie Farrar

Thousand Trails of TEXAS Chapter Meeting

Smitty Smith (Past President) calls the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m. and acknowledge the new President. Paul Pacior, turning the meeting over to him.


Paul Pacior led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Connie Farrar gave the Invocation.


Paul explained the proper way to pronounce his last name, “Pasher”.

He explained that only one person at a time has the floor.  He will stop the discussion on the floor and wait until those talking among their selves finishes before continuing the discussion on the floor.


The following members were present:  Connie Farrar, Dee Hanson, Larry/Dianna Huff, Bill/Dory Johnson, Dale/Winnie Johnson, Fred/Lou Kennedy, Carl/Mary Mittag, Glenn/Anita Noles, Paul/Karen Pacior, Cecil/Margie Roberson, Smitty/Mary Helen Smith, Jim/Ruth Vaught, Jimmie/Joan Watson, Pat Watts.


Ron & Ellen Norton were acknowledged as new members. The Guests present are Al & Cathy Cooper, Melvin & Helen Carlton.


Wagon Master Boots were presented to Connie Farrar, Carl & Mary Mittag and Jimmie & Joan Watson


During the Meeting, Cassidy Rodriguez, Lake Whitney’s Manager welcomed us to the park. Her team is working hard to improve the sites. She says working on the backside first is important.  New security gates will be up and working soon. Twenty-five sites will be updated with 50/30 amp this fall and twenty-five more in 2019.


Cassidy provided new round tables in the Event Center.  It made playing games such as Mexican Train or FastTrack so much better than on the rectangle tables.  Everyone enjoyed the Sunday breakfast of bread, juice, fruit and yogurt, she provided.


We also need to thank her for the boat ride on Friday and letting us have the use of the Fillin’ Station and Event center for our rally.  She makes the Wagon Master’s job a breeze.


Lake Whitney Thousand Trails has always provided us with an awesome rally.


New Officers for 2018-2020 are Paul Pacior – President, Barbara Spade – 1st Vice President, Joan Watson – 2nd Vice President, Anita Noles – Treasurer, and Connie Farrar – Secretary.  Our National Director is Fred Kennedy and Alt National Director is Rodger Donnelly.



Connie Farrar, Secretary moved the March Minutes be approved as emailed.  Seconded by Dianna Huff. Approved


Anita Noles gave the Treasurers Report.

Beginning balance as of May 1, 2018             $3,685.41

Deposit of                                                             $   612.09

Ending Balance as of Sept 1, 2018                  $4,185.05


1st Vice President, Barbara Spade was not able to attend in person but gave her report via phone.

Update of Colorado River

        There are new 50/30/110 site in the lower section of the park.

        ELS has visited the park and are happy with park and are considering several improvements.

        Marty Scoggins, the Park Manager has been diagnosis with cancer and will be receiving treatment.

        Marty would love to have cards.  Marty Scoggins, 2545 Ballard Dr., Paris, TX 75460.

        Colorado River would love to host one of our rallies. Activity Center is available and lots of

      restaurants are in the area.


November rally will be at Thousand Trails Medina on November 9-11.


2nd Vice President, Joan Watson reminded us that Fred and Lou Kennedy will be the Wagon Masters for November. Their assistants are Glenn & Anita Noles and Bill and Dory Johnson. 


Pat Watts, Paul and Karen Pacior agreed to assist the Wagon Masters for January Rally.


Fred Kennedy gave us the National Directors report.

The FMCA 98th International Convention was at the State Fair grounds in Gillette, WY on July 18 – 21, 2018. There were 1559 Family Member coaches, 217 Commercial Member coaches, and 497 First Timers.  There were 217 show coaches, 14 seminar rooms and more vendors with all kinds of things to buy.


Several of our members are involved in FMCA Convention as Cadre and Volunteers: Larry Huff, Trams Captain, with Smitty and Mary Helen Smith on the Trams crews, Rodger and Diana Donnelly on the parking crew, Dianna Huff as Captain of Safety.


Fred and Rodger attended the Governing Board meeting on July 18th. There were 381chapters present for voting.

1.       We approved to proceed with the proposed FMCA remodel to admit towable owners in the Association.

2.        Approved a budget that will permit us to grow.

3.       Approved several housekeeping items listed in the 98-page Governing Board Book.

4.       Approved the FMCAssit funding to be taken out of the cost of Operating Budget not the investments.

5.       Approved the mission statement wording.


Dates to put on your phone calendar

                September 19-22, 2018      Six State Rally in Shawnee, OK

                November 9-11, 2018        November Rally at TT. Medina Lake

                                                                Wagon Masters will organize rally and appoint members to help.

                                                                Please follow the directions given in Rally Notice.

                                                                Example: Windshield Washing crew.

                March 13-16, 2019             FMCA 99th International Convention in Perry GA

                August 14-17, 2019            FMCA 100th International Convention in Minot, ND

                                                                Governing Board Meeting

                                                                100th Party

                                                                Election of New Officers


Old Business

                No old business.


New Business

Lake Conroe Thousand Trails has facility problems. They are down to only one building for activities. How can we handle the issue?

·         No separate location for our meeting or activities?

·         Do we attend their activities?

·         Where do you play our games?

·         Do we purchase meals at Lake Conroe restaurant if available?

·         If restaurant is not available, do we cater, potluck, or go to local restaurants?

·         Do we purchase meals separately or does chapter cater?



·         Change our rallies dates, so we are not there during their busy season.

·         Change where and when we have our rallies. Right now, January is Conroe, March is Colorado River, May is Texoma, September is Lake Whitney and November is Medina Lake.

·         Could we add a second meeting to Lake Whitney? 

·         Could we change when we meet at Colorado River and Lake Conroe due to snowbirds filling up the parks? 

·         Bay landing Thousand Trails is not available due to some members who are not NACO/Thousand Trail members and Lake Tawakoni only has 30-amp sites.


Minimum Requirements Needed:

·         Separate location for business meeting

·         Area with 5-7 round tables for nightly games

·         Area for 4 meals

·         Budget price for 4 meals not to exceed $20.00 per person.


Decision was to have Barbara Spade contact Terry Munoz, Regional Manager of Thousand Trails for his suggestions during his visit to Colorado River Thousand Trails. Perhaps later a face to face meeting with him and Paul Pacior, our President.


Class B License

Do we need one?   What are the requirements?  Do we need to take a written test and a driving test?

Paul will investigate the requirements and email out the information.


FMCA Monthly report:

Paul emailed 120 invitations to new FMCA member who joined in the month of June.  He will be emailing 100 plus for July.


Dianna Huff moved to donate $100.00 worth of candy to Whitney fire dept for their Pioneer Day float. Seconded and approved.


Adjourn @ 11:34

January/February Minutes

posted Mar 5, 2018, 3:47 PM by Connie Farrar

Barbara Spade called to order the regular meeting of the Thousand Trails of TX/FMCA at Lake Conroe on January 6, 2018 at 11:04.


Connie Farrar conducted a roll call. The following persons were present:  John and Flo Decker, Connie Farrar, Dale and Winnie Johnson, Fred and Lou Kennedy, Carl and Mary Mittag, Glenn and Anita Noles, Paul and Karen Pacior, James Smith, Laura Slaughter, Barbara Spade, Jimmie and Joan Watson, Pat Watts,


Guests:  Daniel Kamndgaard (Laura’s brother)

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Barbara Spade and Joan Watson gave the Invocation.

Joan Watson moved the minutes from last meeting be approved as emailed.

Wagon Boots -were given to Wagon Masters Connie Farrar, Pat Watts and Flo Decker

Officer Reports

Treasurer/Anita Noles

·         Actual Balance as of October 31, 2017 was $4,312.66

·         Expenses   $244.36

·         Deposits    $335.00

·         Ending Balance as of December 30, 2017 was $4,403.30



Vice President/ Barbara Spade

·         Elections will be held during the May Rally.  All positions are open. If interested, please contact Winnie Johnson.

·         Kent and Doris have agreed to be Assistant Wagon Masters at Colorado River

·         Colorado River reservations need to be made as soon as possible.  If you have trouble, please contact Barbara Spade.

·         Contracts with the Thousand Trails Campgrounds was explained.

·         March Rally will be at Colorado River on March 2-4, 2018 Wagon Masters Spade & Duran

·         May Rally will be at Lake Texoma on May 4-6, 2018 Wagon Masters are Mittag & Vaugh

·         September Rally will be at Lake Whitney on September 7-9, 2018.  Wagon Masters needed

·         November Rally will be at Medina Lake on November 9-11, 2018 Wagon ma


Nat’l Dir/ Fred Kennedy

·         Six State Rally in Shawnee, OK Sept 19-23, 2018.

·         FMCA is open to Towables.   Be sure to invite your family and friends to join.

·         Check out www.fmca.com for a list of benefits you have as a member such as Sprint, Verizon, discounts on Tires, Car Washes, Staples, CVS, Sam’s.

New business

Copies of the Bylaws and Standing Rules was passed out. After discussion, Fred Kennedy moved we accept the changes to Thousand Trails of Texas Bylaws as presented. See attached. Seconded

Fred Kennedy moved we accept the changes to Thousand Trails of Texas Standing Rules as presented. Seconded  See attached.

Copies will be sent to FMCA by Connie Farrar for approval.

Barbara moved that Connie Farrar be re-funded for the cost of Chapter Flags. Seconded Laura Slaughter.


Barbara Spade adjourned the meeting at 12:00________                                                                     


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