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March 2020 Minutes

posted Mar 24, 2020, 8:21 AM by Connie Farrar

Thousand Trails of TEXAS Chapter Minutes


1St Vice President, Barbara Space calls the meeting to order at 9:27 a.m. and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Joan Watson gave the Invocation.

The following members were present: Watson, Spade, Norton, Kennedy, Duran, Kubecka, Smith/Slaughter, Hanngaard, Murguia, Watts, Norton, Johnson, Griner, and Farrar. 


Wagon Master Barbara Spade and Connie Farrar were presented with Wagon Master Boots for a job well done under difficult situations.  Thousand Trails Campgrounds closed all buildings due to the COVID-19 and put a restriction of no more than 10 people in a group.  Stephen Cook, the Resort manager worked with us in allowing small groups at various outdoor locations.


January Rally Minutes were approved as emailed and placed on file.




Treasurers Report – Anita Noles (she was unable to attend.)

               Beginning Balance as of 01/01/2020                            $4449.26

               Deposits of Due and Rally fees                                     $86.00

               Disbursements of rally fee                                             $25.00

               Closing Balance as of 03/01/2020                                 $4509.26


1st Vice President –        Barbara Spade

               She reminded us, that Stephen Cook was working with us during the time and would be willing to reschedule our rally at another time. Our meals were at Los Cabos, Schobels, and Nancy Steak House ending with breakfast at Connie’s site.   Barbara will be retiring as 1st Vice President this September due to her work schedule.


2nd Vice President – Joan Watson

               The next rally is scheduled for May 1-3, 2020 at Lake Texoma and the Singles will be hosting.


National Directors – Fred Kennedy

The FMCA Convention in Tuscan has been cancelled due to the COVID-19.  FMCA due to the expenses incurred in Tucson will need to cover the lost using our reserve.


Our Tropic Winds get together was great and we hope you can plan to attend next year.

If you plan on visiting Harlingen soon, let him know and he will save a paint brush and some paint for you.


Old Business      


New Business

(1) _       Donation of Pet Oxygen Masks

               At each rally we donate to the local fire or police department.  This rally, we donated oxygen masks to be used by the fire department to rescue pets.  The kit contains 3 sizes of masks made to fit over the face of pets.

(2)          Standing Rules

               We would like to change the Stand Rules to allow us to schedule other campgrounds and to schedule rallies around different events. Voting on the changes will be in May.


(3)          Rally Sites & Length

               Ron Norton noted that non-Thousand Trail members may attend our rallies at Thousand Trails parks.  Our newer members are used to camping at private and public campgrounds and paying a fee. Several campgrounds offer a large meeting room with kitchen space if we have 10 ore more rigs with out cost.  We are not receiving this at all the Thousand Trails Campgrounds. Other Campgrounds allow us to reserve our site so we know that we will be parked together and have 30- or 50-amp hookups.  Many campgrounds will offer discounts also. This may end up costing slightly more than in the past, but it should make our rallies better.  He hopes to have some suggestions at the May Rally for your consideration.


(4)    Nominations   for May Rally (Officers take effect in September Rally)

               President              Paul Pacior

1st VP -                 Ron Norton

2nd VP                   Joan Watson

Secretary              Casper the Friendly Ghost

Treasurer             Ellen Norton

Nat’l Director      Fred Kennedy

Alt Nat’l Dirr       Rodger Donnelly


Adjourn at 10:05


Submitted by Connie Farrar