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2018 Add on Minutes from Shawnee , OK

posted Oct 3, 2018, 6:31 AM by Connie Farrar   [ updated Oct 3, 2018, 6:31 AM ]

Paul Pacior called a meeting at Bricktown Brewery on September 19, 2018 at 7:01.  Members present were Paul and Karen Pacior, Pat Watts, Larry and Dianna Huff, Connie Farrar, Dale and Winnie Johnson, Carl and Mary Mittag, Ron and Ellen Norton, Jimmie and Joan Watson and Smitty and Mary Helen Smith.  Fred and Lou Kennedy joined the conversation the next day.

After a discussion on rally dates and locations, the following problems and suggestions were given:


Lake Conroe:

·         Snow Birds fill the park up

·         Lost of separate building for gatherings

·         Lake Conroe expanding in becoming a resort campground

Colorado River

·         Snow birds fill the park up

·         Spring break fills the park up

·         FMCA International Convention is middle of March

Lake Whitney

·         Shortage of 50-amp sites

·         Great Staff and Manager

Suggestions from Terry Munoz

1.     Change the January rally to Lake Whitney because it is not full of snowbirds

2.     Change the September rally to Lake Conroe because the snowbirds are gone, and we could have use of part of the Activity Center.

Suggestions from Barbara Spade

1.     Colorado River sites are open the latter part of March


Connie Farrar moved that Barbara Spade, 1st Vice President, contact the managers of Lake Conroe, Lake Whitney and Colorado River regarding changing the dates of Thousand Trails Rallies for 2019.   The Dates should be as follows:  Lake Whitney rally to be held on January 4-6th, Colorado River Rally to be held March 29-31st. and Lake Conroe September 6-8th.  This is in hope that Lake Conroe will be able to allow us to use part of the activity center for our rally per Terry's suggestion. Seconded, Approved.

Adjourn @ 7:39